Tuesday, April 27, 2010

starting again after fibro

I've been sick with new symptom for the last couple of days and it hasn't been much fun. I have been knitting this purple shawl. The first picture is what it looked like on Sunday night. This is what it looks like today. I only have about six more inches to go. This isn't for me, but I want to make on for myself and I think I have enough of this yellow yarn to make one. I'm not sure if I want to double the yarn or not. I think I'll try it doubled for about a foot and see how heavy it is. Might be too heavy to be comfortable. As you can see from that folded up bit of knitted yarn there I tried to make a summer sweater out of this yarn a while back, but that didn't work out the way I thought it would. So, I scraped that project, but saved the yarn.

For sewing I'm going to work on dd's grey hoodie. I traced the pattern and cut it and the fabric out. She doesn't want the zipper to show when the jacket is opened because it doesn't match, so I'm going to try and sandwich the zipper between two the jacket front and a strip of the fabric. In order for this to work I'm going to have to stitch the loose edge of the strip of fabric down after I put in the zipper, otherwise it'll roll up. I'm not sure how she's going to feel about that. I think I'll just do it and present it to her. Pretend there's nothing diffrent about it. Huh, well I just see how that goes over.

Does anyone else with fibro have trouble sitting for a long time? I've got two machines and I have one on the kitchen counter and one on a desk. I take turns sitting and standing to sew. I wondered if anyone else had anything they did different.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Current project

The project I'm going to work on while I'm waiting for the dryer to get hooked up is a grey hoodie for dd. I have grey French terry in my stash and I bought thread and a zipper, the first on sale and the second with coupon on my second trip to the fabric store. I need to trace the patter, but after that things should go pretty quickly. I enjoy using Jalie pattern because I've never had one come out unwearable, something that happens a lot with me and other pattern companies. I'm making Jalie 2319, with the hood.

I'm weak...2nd trip to the fabric store

Saturday, April 24, 2010
Dh and ds are changing the plug on the dryer. Fortunately ds is an electrician so he knows how to do this. Maybe they’ll get the dryer in today or tomorrow. Meanwhile dd and I went back to JoAnn’s and bought two yards of fabric, several patterns, and a zipper. The fabric is for a purse for dd, but now that we have it she’s having trouble deciding just what kind of purse she wants. Something in the hobo line she thinks. Here’s a picture of what we bought (this is how I end up with a lot of stuff and no finished projects, it's easy to let acquiring the fabric and sewing supplies become the end in themselves). The adult dress is for dd and the children’s patterns are for a little girl we know. Also, the thread was 40% off, a good time to buy what I’m running low on. The zipper is for a hoodie I’m making dd out of grey French terry from stash fabric.

Craig’s list comes through

Friday, April 23.2010
Good news! A kind person in Erie, Penn listed a working dryer for $50. I drove the truck to dh’s place of employment and he was to first to arrive and was able to claim the dryer.

Not letting the fabric disappear into the stash

Monday, April 19, 2010
I haven’t bought any fabric all this year (except for a half yard from the remnant bin, which really doesn’t count as a fabric buy), but I went to JoAnn’s 50% off all of their clearance and bought thirty yards of fabric. I spent about thirty dollars, so it’s a good price, but not if it becomes part of my stash which is already too big. So, I thought I would list what I have bought, found or been given here in an effort to prevent stash growth. The first thing I need to do is to wash and dry the fabric, but as our dryer has died that’s going to take some effort. For those of you who have fibro you know that you don’t just skip off to the laundry mat with a load of wet clothes, it’s too heavy and you’ll pay with physical problems later. As we are actively looking for a dryer we can afford I’ll just have to wait until we find one.